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Chairperson of NPUUF

Conceptually we have a heritage belief that population is a burden for obtaining socio-economic growth for Bangladesh. However, this concept has now being changed. It has been often said that the population of Bangladesh has been converted as human capital to boost-up economic growth for Bangladesh. The production in the agriculture sector has tremendously increased with four-time higher compared to the past decades. The intensive use of land and application of advanced technology, proper system of irrigation and appropriate use of modern inputs have been influenced for this growth. There is no debate that without active participation of the population at firms level the desired level of growth could not be achieved.

We are now in the age of ICT revolution. Apparently it has been stated that new generation specially the qualified new generation have been appeared as a backbone and engine of sustainable socio-economic growth for Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh and the private sector business community have been planned and targeted to graphs and encourage the new generation for making a breakthrough in the process of development. Certainly, it requires a conducive environment and structured platform for the new generation to come forward in the process of ICT revolution.

It is a fact that every year the qualified graduates and post-graduates have been added in the labor market in Bangladesh to searching jobs for their survival. The limited opportunity of jobs in the labor market has become a big challenges for the country compared to the size of qualified new generation. The wheel of the society and the process of ICT revolution could not functionally achieve at a desire levels without active involvement of the new generation.

Considering the ground realities and reviewing the entire situation we have established a foundation namely the “Natun Projonmo Uddakta Unnayan Foundation (NPUUF)” with the approval of the competent authority of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

The newly created Foundation may achieve its goal through active co-operation & system of public private partnership. We have already formulated diversified plan and programs to extent our support for building the carriers of the new generation as entrepreneurs and new business creation along with other suitable and commercially viable activities for social and national development subsequently. So, that they become self reliant functionally by their talent & efforts and subsequently contribute enough to the process of socio-economic growth for Bangladesh.

We are cordially inviting all with new thoughts, programs and assistance. Your co-operation and assistance in this regard would be our highest source of capital towards a quality and excellence journey. 



Sagufta Sultana


Natun Projonmo Uddakta Unnayan Foundatio (NPUUF)



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