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v  Creating social and national awareness to motivate and encourage the new generation the objectives for building their carrier as entrepreneurs and new business creation. This process could be applied through appropriate dialogues, advocacy, mutual understanding and proactive programs, seminars, workshop both in public and private universities, colleges, academic institutions and other appropriate social boxes in the country.

v  provide on-demand skills development training and multi-faceted business support services to the new generation, especially the educated unemployed who are eager to establish their careers as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs instead of jobs.

v  Organize Need Based Capacity Building Training programs in different fields, sectors, sub-sectors of SMEs, micro-enterprises and graduate level micro-enterprises.

v  Facilitate Package Need based Training programs for the new generation who wish to build their carrier as entrepreneurs or wish to star new business in different industrial, social and service sectors.

v  Establish Model Enterprises, Model Entrepreneurs and Model Polli (Model Industrial Parks) as benchmark by giving technical panel of advice & consultancy services; So that the other potential enterprises or group of enterprises would get opportunity to follow the best-practices of the model firm/enterprises and entrepreneurs.

v  Organize and implement different natures of social development works/programs specially under the categories of under pre village, vulnerable societies and different nature of social.

v  Provide basic learning of computer and ICT educations/training so that the new generation may come into the process of ICT revolution methodically and systematically.


``Natun Nari Uddakta Srijon & Attokormo songsthan Er Lokhe Bohumukhi Patjat Ponno Uttpadan" Project
``Natun Nari Uddakta Srijon & Attokormo songsthan Er Lokhe Bohumukhi Patjat Ponno Uttpadan" Project
    Since 2019, Natun Projonmo Uddakta Unnayan Foundation has been implementing a project on Diversification of Jute Under Department of Women Affairs. 4950 Women are getting training on by this project. DURATION: July , 2019 - June , 2022 LOCATION: Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Sherpur, Netrokona & Faridpur. DONOR: Department Of Women Affairs (DWA).

Skill Development
Skill Development
    Training On Jute Diversification. Department : Department Of Women Affairs

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