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Immunization Platform of Civil Society in Bangladesh (IPCSB)


Meeting Minutes of Rajshahi Division Co-ordination committee

We are glad to announce that A meeting was held on Immunization Platform of Civil Society in Bangladesh (IPCSB) on behalf of Rajshahi Division, Dated on 11.01.2022 at Natun Projonmo Uddakta Unnayan Foundation-Bangladesh Dhaka Office. All the focal person from each District were present in this meeting. The Meeting was started at 3.30 p.m. This is the first meeting on Immunization Platform of Civil Society in Bangladesh(IPCSB). Sagufta Sultana, Chairman of Natun Projonmo Uddakta Unnayan Foundation Presided over the meeting.

The meeting was started with the recitation of the Holly Quran by Md. Habibur Rahman, Chief Coordinator of Natun Projonmo Uddakta Unnayan Foundation.

From the first of meeting Focal person of Barisal Division Md. Moniruzzaman welcomed everybody for attending this meeting in time and said what we are doing and what is our future goal. He delivered welcome speech and discussed the background of IPCSB, future activities and opportunities of IPCSB. All participant completed their registration in prescribed form.

After that everybody introduced himself by speaking his name, designation, Organization and experience in  EPI/ Health related activities.

Then Md. Habibur Rahman Member of IPCSB discussed the Mission and Vision of IPSCB. He discussed the highest level of Immunization coverage in Bangladesh in a joint effort with the government of Bangladesh and civil Society organization platform

In the middle of the meeting Co-ordination Committee was formed by taking from every body’s opinion.

And after that everyone including all elected members in IPCSB Rajshahi were welcomed with beautiful red rose by Sagufta Sultana, Chairman Natun Projonmo Uddakta Unnayan Foundation.

At the end of the meeting Newly Elected Chairperson of IPCSB Rajshahi Division and also the Chairperson of Natun Projonmo Uddakta Unnayan Foundation delivered her concluding speech. She also discussed the future working area and opportunities of IPCBS in deferent district. She thanked all the participants for attending the meeting. She also specially thanked and expressed her gratitude to Md. Moniruzzama focal person of Barisal area and Md. Mansur Ali Secretary General of IPCSB Rajshahi division for assisting her and implementing primary activities of IPCSB and Success ending the divisional coordination meeting.

The meeting was successfully Completed in the nice performance of Mr. Mansur Ali Associate focal person and newly elected Secretary General, IPCSB Rajshahi.

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